Dental Crowns

Sometimes you may need a dental crown to improve the appearance of your teeth after a procedure like root canal or dental implants. The dental crown is similar to a cap and is placed over the tooth and is similar in shape. It helps in restoring the shape and the size of the tooth and improves the appearance and strength as well. A crown may be your best solution in certain cases such as:

  • When a tooth is cracked, a crown may become necessary to hold it together.
  • When there is a lot of decay and that has warranted the removal of a part of the tooth, crowns are used to cover the filling and support the tooth.
  • They are also used in cases of misshapen tooth and coloured ones – to cover them.
  • They are also used in cases of severely worn out tooth and broken ones.
  • They are also used to cover implants and anchor bridges.

At the Stamford Smile Arts, our dental care team provides you with the best possible care and ensures your comfort during the procedure. Not only are our solutions and treatments long lasting, they are affordable too!

Dental Bridges

When there are gaps in the teeth due to missing teeth, the dental structure gets affected and this could lead to problems with other teeth as well. The remaining teeth may rotate or shift into the gaps and this will lead to imbalances, disorders and even to diseases of the gums at times. Dental bridges come in handy in such situations and cover the space in the region where the teeth are missing. Bridges may be partial ones that are removable or fixed and come in a variety of different materials from metal to ceramic ones that are close to your natural teeth color. At the Stamford Smile Arts, we examine you first and determine which kind of bridge is best suited to your condition and then explain as to why it is your best option. Our dental care team also educates patients about the care routine to be followed in the case of bridges and crowns and how often you should get them checked and so on.