Periodontal cure is indispensable when different conditions have an effect on the health of gums and the areas of the jawbone that keeps your teeth set. Keeping your teeth is dependent on apt periodontal care and continuation. Healthy gums add to the beauty of your teeth and resemble a frame that envelops a gorgeous painting. Gums that become can move away or become inflamed and red. During the more advanced stages, the sustaining bone gets destroyed and makes your teeth shift, become loose, or fall off. Such changes do not merely affect your capacity of chewing and speaking but ruin your smile as well.

In many cases, the finest treatment of premature stages of periodontal disease is non-surgical therapy. Even in very severe cases, non-surgical therapy is frequently done before surgical therapy.

Scaling and Root Planing

The preliminary period of treatment usually involves a meticulous cleaning that could include scaling for removing tartar and plaque deposits underneath the gum lining.  The tooth roots possibly will also be planed for making the root surface smooth, thereby enabling the healing of the gum tissue and its reattachment to the tooth. Another name for this method is root debridement therapy.

When cavernous pockets among teeth and gums continue being there, your hygienist will find it rough to meticulously eliminate plaque and tartar. Thus, surgery could be required for restoring periodontal health.