Why is it that my teeth are sensitive?

The frequent reason for Sensitive teeth is the case of yours gums having receded slightly. This recession of your gum line lets the underlying dentin become visible and this makes it easier for food and water to access the responsive nerve. For managing this, numerous gels, toothpastes and even a few dental procedures are able to be applied. You are free to have a more comprehensive discussion with us if you are suffering from extremely sensitive teeth.

What can be done to thwart gum infection and tooth decay?

Grand gum and teeth care begins at home. Flossing and brushing on a regular basis is the most excellent way of caring for gums and teeth on a persistent basis.   By sticking to an everyday routine you can greatly lessen the possibility of tooth decay or gingivitis with ageing.

What is Gingivitis?

This is the name of a condition that results when bacteria envelops the teeth and gets inside the gums.  The gums could become irritated, swollen and frequently bleed.  To be able to stop this condition from getting worse, customary hygiene visits are vastly recommended.  While visiting visit, our Hygiene squad will train you on the appropriate flossing processes and Oral Hygiene etiquette for Home Care that would be preventing the periodontal ailment.

What is periodontal sickness?

This is a silent disease that has hardly any symptoms at its onset.  The cause of this is the bacteria that envelops the teeth and gets inside the gums.  The condition that is formed right away is referred to as ‘gingivitis’.  The gums get inflamed, irritated and frequently bleed.  On not being treated in the proper manner, this condition detonates.  This is when the visible symptoms start appearing.  They consist of :

Gum Recession

Bad Breath


Sensitivity of gum to Acidic Foods

Tooth Loss

Tooth Pain

What is the way of treating Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal sickness is a chronic state that requires being attended to immediately.  Via a succession of Root Planing & Scaling, Periodontal Cleanings,  Local Antibiotics and Laser Therapy, this condition is controllable.  Periodontal Surgery becomes necessary in severe cases only.

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