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Tooth Extractions in Stamford, CT

Tooth Extraction, Stamford Dentist

Is your tooth decay out of hand? Worried about getting it extracted and the processes that follow? Visit Stamford Smile Arts to experience a safe and comfortable tooth extraction process at pocket friendly rates! We assure you that you will leave our premises with a smile and renewed self confidence! Read on to learn all you need to know about the tooth extraction.

The Tooth Extraction Process

Extraction of the tooth is carried our only in cases where our dentists determine that your tooth is beyond restoration or repair. An X-ray is used to determine the extent of decay and our team then decides if there are other options available to saving your tooth before deciding upon extraction. Most extractions are carried out on the same day and the dos and don’ts post the procedure are explained in a detailed manner. You may be asked to visit once more within a few days time to inspect the area so as to rule out infections. Once the area is completely healed, other options such as implants, crowns and bridges will be looked at and you may be advised to get some form of restorative dentistry done to make your teeth stronger, improve its appearance and eat with more comfort.

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